About us

Here at Homestead Spot, we are all about modern homesteading. It started with a hobby for vegetable gardening, animals and being self-sufficient without realizing that we were homesteading. 

When the idea came up to start a blog about our hobbies, we understood more people were blogging about it and called it homesteading. We also noticed that there was a lot of need for information and that more people were writing about it.

We decided to bring all these homesteading writers together to share knowledge and inspiration. And here we are!

At Homestead Spot, we want to provide you with the best and most reliable information on the internet. We aim to post a healthy mix of actionable guides, inspiration, tips, and tricks about vegetable gardening, self-sufficient living, animal keeping and do-it-yourself.

Our team of writers invite you to explore the blog and get to know the blog. We hope that you enjoy the content!