The 5 best compost bin for in your kitchen

There is so much food waste in the kitchen, so what is easier than making compost right away from it? Kitchen scraps such as fruit and vegetable waste, coffee grounds, tea bags, stale bread and so on are still full of nutrients. This makes it the perfect material to make compost off. So what is easier than do it on your kitchen countertop?

  • The best compost bin for on your kitchen countertop: Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin

What are kitchen compost bins?

You might be already familiar with large sized compost bins for in your backyard. These may be handy to make large amounts of compost from your garden waste. On the other hand kitchen, compost bins are way more convenient when it comes to composting your kitchen food waste.

Kitchen compost bins are a lot smaller. They range mostly from one to three gallons capacity, which makes them perfectly sized for in the kitchen. Most people either use them to empty the container later on in the backyard compost bin or transfer it to their waste collector. Either way, it is the perfect first step to start the composting process.

Different types of compost bins for in your kitchen

There are a few different types of kitchen composting bins. Therefore I recommend to first see how you work in your kitchen to find the perfect bin that meets your needs.

  • Electric compost bins - these are the true compost bins from the list whereas the others are more temporary containers. Normally the composting process takes weeks or months. Electric compost bins speed up the process and can be ready in under 24 hours. Inside there is an agitator which breaks the kitchens craps in even smaller pieces. Besides that, it heats up the inside to make the process even faster.

  • Mountable containers - these get mounted inside the kitchen door so it isn't visible from the outside. This way your kitchen will stay nice and tidy.

  • Lid operated containers - this is your classical kitchen countertop compost bin. Luckily most modern bins have an appealing design. Also, most of them, but not all, have a charcoal filter to reduce odors.

  • Charcoal filtered compost bins - as just said charcoal filtered compost bins filter smelly odors. This way you can still smell all the delicious foods you prepare in your kitchen without smelling any nasty odors through it.

Things to consider before buying

There are quite some things to consider before buying such a relatively simple product.

  • Appearance - if you plan to buy a countertop bin you should buy one which is appealing to the eye before you will regret it. For the other containers, it may not be the most important thing to consider as they are out of sight most of the time.

  • Price - the best compost bins for the kitchen range from 25 dollars all the way up to 350 dollars. This is a huge price range so you may think thoroughly about the features you really need, how often you will use it and what amount you are willing to spend.

  • Capacity & size - of course, the capacity is an important aspect if you are planning to buy a kitchen compost bin. However, with a greater capacity comes a greater size. Do you have enough room in your kitchen to place it?

  • Ability to clean - you don’t want to have your kitchen smell like compost so you have to clean it every now and then. Some bins are dishwasher safe, which is really convenient for cleaning.

  • Filter - the filter is an important part of a compost bin. This will keep the bad smell away and so for most people is crucial when looking at containers. The most common filters on the market are charcoal filters which should be only replaced every two or three months.

  • Ventilation - to stimulate the composting process sufficient air is required. A completely closed off container without any ventilation will suffocate all the living organism which are mandatory for good compost. Don’t be scared that because of the ventilation the odors get out. The ventilation actually avoids odors!

  • Material - there are quite a few different materials to choose from such as stainless steel, plastic, ceramic and even bamboo. Usually, plastic bins may be cheaper but not all of them are very durable. Also, stainless steel, ceramic or bamboo looks a lot better in your kitchen counter.

Another thing to consider is how easy it opens. If you want to throw your kitchen scraps in the container right away and you choose a mountable bin, you have to open your kitchen cabinet first. If you have dirty hands from cooking that is not really convenient. Therefore a countertop container may be a better pick for you.

Best compost bin for on your kitchen counter reviews

Enough of the talking lets see what different products there are on the market.

Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin

This compost bin from Epica has a sleek design and is appealing to the eye so it can be placed on your kitchen countertop perfectly. It is medium sized with a capacity of 1.3 gallons, so it won’t take away much space either. You won’t have to worry about any rust or leaking since it is made from the highest grade of stainless steel.

Odor from the compost is controlled by a double ply charcoal filter which is placed in the lid. No worries for fruit-flies, since it is an airtight lid to prevent these little bugs. The filter is easy to access and will last about six months when cleaned with soap and water just like the bin itself. For when you run out of filters, new ones from Epica just cost a couple of dollars.


  • Easy to open lid
  • Double ply charcoal filter
  • Cheap filters
  • Airtight lid
  • Sleek design
  • Highest grade of stainless steel
  • Easy cleaning


  • Stainless steel may not fit your kitchen design

Exaco ECO-2000 2.4 Gallon Kitchen Compost Waste Collector

This largely sized waste collector of 2.4 gallons is ideal for big families and heavy kitchen users. It will definitely save you some trips to the backyard compost bin. The size is perfectly made to fit grocery bags to keep it clean nicely.

This mounted container has a large charcoal filter to reduce moisture which is the main cause of nasty smells. The bin is made from high-density plastic and is dishwasher safe.

Keep in mind that with capacity comes size and that it is 9 inches deep. So beware that you have enough space in your cabinet to mount it.


    • Dishwasher safe
    • Large carbon filter
    • Comes with plastic clips for a bag
    • Large capacity of 2.4 gallons


  • Less sturdy than metal
  • Quite big for in a cabinet

Mountable Kitchen Compost Bin by Zero Waste Together

Composting is a time patient process but this bin from Zero Waste Together has a patented airflow to ensure healthy, ph-balanced compost. This container doesn’t have a charcoal filter but it prevents odor with the process of aeration which also seals out fruit flies.

It comes with a mount and screws to easily attach it to your kitchen cabinet door or under the sink. If you open the bin to 90 degrees it clicks in the durable molded stopping points and it stays open so you can throw your kitchen scraps in easily.

The container is made of BPA free plastic and is, therefore, dishwasher safe. It also is made to fit a biodegradable bag for easy transportation to the backyard compost bin.


  • BPA free
  • The lid can be locked to stay open
    • Perfect size for biodegradable bags
  • Patented airflow for healthy, ph/balanced compost
  • Dishwasher free
  • Fits almost everywhere


  • No charcoal filter
  • The lid may be difficult to figure out

Joseph Joseph 30016 Intelligent Waste Compost Bin Food Waste Caddy with Odor Filter and Ventilation

This stylish countertop bin has a one-gallon size and is perfect for small kitchens. The ventilated design contains a charcoal filter to prevent any nasty smells and fruit flies. It is made entirely from plastic except for the stainless steel handle which is convenient to take the container for a trip to the backyard compost bin.

The lid is easy to open and not slam when you let go which is easy for throwing your waste in. It can be combined easily with other Joseph Joseph products with the pile-up system it has. Joseph and Joseph also have their own brand of compostable caddy liners to keep the inside nice and clean.


  • Stylish design
    • Can be combined with other Joseph Joseph products
    • Ideal for small kitchens or apartments
    • Easy picking up with the steel handle


  • Expensive bags and filters
  • It may be too small for some

Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Food Recycler

The Food Cycler Platinum is a perfect fit for those who want to speed up the composting process. Where you need to be patient for several weeks or even months with regular indoor composters, this one is ready in just 3 hours. If you are serious about composting this is your go-to composter and is definitely worth the substantial price tag.

Just throw in your kitchen scraps hit the start button and the machine will do its work. The charcoal filter will eliminate odors and the renewed automatic filter monitoring system will tell you when to replace the filter.

With its dimension of 15 x 13 x 17.5 inches, it even fits on most kitchen countertops. It has an appealing design and is made from strong, thick black plastic. While using it is very quiet so you don’t have to worry about disturbing noises. 


  • Compost in 3 hours
    • Quiet when turned on
    • Odor free
    • Automatic filter monitoring
    • Fits on countertop
    • 2 gallon capacity


  • Price is very high

Conclusion - Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin

The design, efficiency of use and double ply filter are unmatched by the other bins and with the number of satisfied customers, we think you can never go wrong with the Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin.

The runner-up is The Food Cycler Platinum because at composting it is the best actually. It was the price tag that made us decide to mark the Epica as the best composting bin for in your kitchen.

  • The best compost bin for on your kitchen countertop: Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin

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